samedi 29 août 2015

Pas custom, mais intéressant : Domaine raid techni-tacot (13)

On poursuit avec la domaine 'Raid' de chez Technitacot, et les travaux sur le pont et la transmission :

C'est à présent en très bon état :

Côté transmission de roue, c'est aussi nickel :

Voilà le pont (et dessous la boîte de vitesses) lors de son démontage :

Et les accessoires de transmission longitudinale : les silent-blocs, les supports de liaison (silent-blocs) et les brides de maintien de transmissions transversales (1 seule sur la photo) :

Toujours à suivre chez technitacot.

mercredi 26 août 2015

lundi 17 août 2015

frégate 1959-1960 (3)

Toujours le modèle 59-60 avec cette frégate transfluide bleue en vente sur :

A noter : le set complet de Robri d'ailes

mercredi 12 août 2015

vendredi 7 août 2015

2 Domaines en vente en Angleterre

2 Domaines en vente à Wellington somerset, au Royaume-Uni, sur ebay,


You are bidding on 2 complete cars. One is stripped ready for restoration

2.834,10 EUR

 Rare chance to own a Renault Fregate Domaine. These were built by Renault in the '50's and were the last front engined rear wheel drive cars they built. They are now very rare in the UK I know of 2 other Domaines but suspect there might be a couple more. I imported this pair earlier this yaer after finding them in France. The Beige/rusty coloured one has been stored in a French barn for many years with the blue one living outside. Restoration has been started on the beige one and it has had most of the bolt on panels removed ready for preparation and paint. I have been trying for months to get someone to quote me to do this work but so far I have been unable to find anyone to take the job on. It has had the under bonnet and door shuts done already and just needs 4 small bits of welding before painting. It has 2 patches on the rear valance and 2 little bits on the sills. The floor and chassis is perfect as can be seen in the pictures. All the panels that are removed in the pictures come with the car and are in good solid condition just needing prep and paint. All the brakes have been stripped, cleaned and re-sealed. It has also had new brake hoses all round. It will need king pins sorting as there is a little too much play in the n/s/f. Parts are easily available in France for these and I can give you details of where to look. The engine was seized but has now been re-built with new pistons and liners. It leaks oil from the sump gasket though so will need this looking at. The starter and dynamo have both been overhauled. All parts are there to complete the restoration with the exception of headlights. I would fit 7 inch sealed beams as it will need righthand drive lights anyway. This car is UK registered with a V5 and non transferable number. Being 1957 it is mot and tax exempt. The blue car is a spare car and will be useful to help putting the other back together. This one is pretty solid and probably a viable project as it is, but it has no documents. Not a major problem but it would be upto the new owner to decide what to do with it. I WILL NOT SPLIT THIS PAIR SO PLEASE DO NOT ASK HOW MUCH FOR THIS ONE ON ITS OWN. I am reluctant to part with them but as things have stalled trying to find a painter they are getting in the way a bit. If the reserve isn't met then I will just keep hold of them until I can find someone to paint it. Please call 07711982752 with any questions or to arrange a viewing. As you can see it is on a 2 post ramp and has been since I imported it hence the lack of decent photo's