mardi 20 septembre 2016

frégate anglaise

Un post sur une frégate de 1956 en vente sur ebay en Angleterre :

Eclairage de plaque "export" :

Conduite à droite :

L'argumentaire de vente :
1956 Renault fregate
column shift 4 speed manual
tax exempt
mot exempt
6 owners since registered in the uk in 1984
brand new 6 volt battery 3 months ago
owned for just over a year but up for sale to fund a respray for my classic volvo amazon
in the year before i bought it had a full engine service, new rear shocks, all brake shoes relined & new seals, re cored radiator & coolant flush
extremely solid underneath requires no welding
bodywork had some scrapes & interesting patina
doors are holed around the bottom
as with most vintage cars needs some attention.
window wipers have stopped working in the last year
internal drivers door handle has been snapped (possible repair or available from france threw ebay)
drivers door will not stay shut any more
sometimes jumps out of first gear but has more than enough power to pull off in second
brakes are soft (possibly just need bleeding)
needs setting up & going threw properly as takes a bit to get it to start running but once it does it will tickover, rev, run happily with no overheating or other issues.
has only been moved around the driveway in last six months or so as being third inline for my limited car time means it just sits & looks pretty most of its life so i strongly recommend a trailer to take it away
all in all a beautiful rare old car that would be a great project for someone
any inspection very welcome

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