samedi 9 juillet 2016

article technique Custom Rodder : fabriquer son parechoc (9)

Pour les 66 000 visites du blog, voici la suite et la fin de l'article technique custom rodder sur la fabrication d'un parechoc kustom :

Clamped in place, one half of the side section looks like it fits fine. From here the top and bottom side section pieces are welded together.

All five pieces (sides, corners, and centersection) are then welded together, and the welds are as clean inside as they are outside.

Marc finishes the bumper by fabricating mounting brackets on both the center section and the ends, placing them in the same locations as on the original bumper.

Side by side, you can see how close the new bumper and the original are. Have you figured out the application yet? The bumper is for a '60s-era Maserati, although, as noted earlier, Marcel's methods could be used to build all kinds of custom parts. Any brave souls out there?

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