mercredi 6 avril 2016

article technique Custom Rodder : fabriquer son parechoc (3)

A presque 60 000 visites du blog, on poursuit avec la construction kustom maison d'un parechoc :

Another trial fit finds it's getting close. Marcel knows that fitting the new bumper to the outside of the old bumper will not yield a clone of the original, but the customer wanted something that looked close and would fit, which is what he'll get.

The machines and tree stump can only do so much-extreme shaping is done with hammer and torch, so the section is first clamped in place.

The corner is first heated with a torch flame to white-hot, and the now-pliable metal is formed against the old bumper with a large hammer.

After being slapped and hammered to fit the old bumper, there is a little extra material hanging over both the top and bottom of the new piece.

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